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We aim to be different to give you a better result.

D3 Design is boutique product design and packaging design studio located in Surry Hills, Sydney. We are a talented and dedicated group of Industrial Designers who put our heart and soul into our work to produce outstanding and innovative work for our clients.

Our passionate team gives you a mix of the most outstanding design graduates working alongside long experienced directors, Clive Solari and David Francis. With over 25 years of extensive experience both overseas and in Australia in product design, we can quickly help you decide the best way to progress your project.

We have enough product design and industrial muscle to handle the biggest projects quickly and efficiently and enough variety of work to keep our minds creative and inspired. We are also small enough that our product designers work face to face with our clients and take the time to listen to your needs and objectives. You are part of the team – no big hierarchy for ideas to get lost and mistranslated here.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to operating in an honest and open manner with our clients and suppliers. D3 Design are proud members of the Design Institute of Australia and strictly follow their code of conduct and ethics guidelines.


Know how

Understanding, Creativity and Know How. The unique combination of these three things creates products which are truly useful, products with which people can connect and, most importantly, products which are desirable.

D3 Design take time to understand your objectives, your brand’s values and what consumers really want. D3 Design are switched into the latest trends and movements in society and what role your product plays in a wider context.

D3 Design are by nature creative; a unique skill which involves empathy, vision and synthesis; knowing how people do things and why, identifying key insights and key opportunities for development, and being able to turn that into beautiful and innovative ideas.

Most importantly our extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, relationships with manufacturers and attention to detail helps our creative ideas get through the production minefield and onto the market with the original design intent still intact.

The result is fast, innovative, functional and cost effective designs for your brand that will positively impact the market.



Every project is unique with different needs and challenges – and that is what we like about what we do!

We invite you to meet with us. We will listen to your needs and develop a plan and a package of services specifically tailored for you.

At D3, we don’t have client managers. You’ll be dealing and working directly with our Directors and designers. We will work collaboratively with you via informal meetings and idea creation sessions right from early research and concept stages through to detail development.

We offer a full range of design services including:

  • Market assessment and insight
    Design research
  • Ergonomics analysis
  • Concept design
  • Mock-Ups and test rigs
  • Detailed design for manufacture
  • Full CAD for manufacture
  • Photo-realistic computer generated images and animations
  • Models & Rapid Prototypes and testing
  • 3D printing
  • Patent drawings
& Supplied

Sometimes you just need the finished product without the hassle of finding and dealing with suppliers!

Whether it’s a single item or a short run production, we can not only design it, but also have it manufactured and supplied to you – finished.

We have a number of trusted contacts and manufacturing partners on the ground in China. We do all the leg work and liaison so you don’t have to!


We know it can be difficult to get a project off the ground. We know, not only because we have created successful products for many startups, but also because we’ve done it for ourselves.

Our proven design process suits entrepreneurs and startups and takes the intimidation out of the initial stages and helps result in a successful product.

And, of course, you will have the bonus of dealing directly with our experienced Directors who’ll be with you every step of the way.


Do you want design and innovation to be an integral part of your company’s DNA?

Taking up one of our specialised retainers will help. It makes a statement that you are serious about innovation and puts our skills and services available to anyone at your company.

Rather than working on a one-off project, D3 make their design team available for ongoing assistance whenever needed. We’ll help you strategically to put design front and centre, review future direction and improve existing products or develop new ones.


Our client list is as varied as the type of work we can do! D3 Design design for major multinational household names that you use and see every day, from startups, to individuals with passion and a great idea, D3 Design can provide what you need.

  • Coca-Cola
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Qantas
  • Vuly
  • ResMed
  • McDonald's
  • Nestle
  • Sunbeam
  • Wiltshire
  • NSW Police
  • Sanitarium
  • Volvo
  • Football Federation
  • Blackmores
  • Adam Gilchrist – CEO & Founder F45 Training

    F**king love it. Great job

  • Joe Andon – CEO / Vuly Trampolines

    D3 design are one of my favourite companies to work with, they really understand the needs of the client and address issues and problems with solutions that are out of this world, giving us, the client, options that we never thought were available and truly setting their clients to have a competitive difference. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

  • Sibonile Schouten – Group Brand Manager / NESTLE

    Having worked closely with D3 over a number of years I would say they are a phenomenal agency to work with. The secret to their success is not any one thing but a combination of aspects… They are passionate about design; these guys love what they do and it shows.

  • Daniel Derrick – General Manager of Marketing / SANITARIUM

    The professionalism D3 Design demonstrated, coupled with a lateral approach, has resulted in what I believe to be an outstanding design; a design which not only answered the brief but will generate appeal beyond what we were expecting.

  • Sibonile Schouten – Group Brand Manager / NESTLE

    It has been a pleasure working with D3 and I would highly recommend them as an agency. You will never think of them as a supplier but very much part of the team!

  • Philip Kwok – Head of Research and Technology / RESMED

    Other industrial design consultancies … do not understand our needs. [D3’s] strength is at the conceptual stage. They deliver the appropriate level of detail and communication material … and share our sense of urgency. They can pick up where our skills fall short.

  • Sibonile Schouten – Group Brand Manager / NESTLE

    [D3] aim to exceed the brief by delving deeper to understand true consumer insights and find the desired balance between aesthetics and functional benefits. I also appreciate how they de-mystify technical speak, translating complex ideas into meaningful and relevant concepts.

  • Daniel Derrick – General Manager of Marketing / SANITARIUM

    D3’s desire to first understand our brand and strategic direction we are taking, before any design work commenced is evidence of [their] willingness to design packaging which is not only creative and appealing but actually builds the equity of the brand in a manner which will make this product fly off the shelf.


Studio 1, Level 4,
35 Buckingham Street,
Surry Hills,
NSW, 2010

+61 (0) 2 9361 6477

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Our directors David Francis and Clive Solari are happy to meet with you, listen to your objectives and provide you with a design programme to suit your needs.

Please phone us or direct your enquiry to and we’ll be with you promptly.

Positions at D3

We’re always looking for design talent and interns. If you’re an undergraduate or a graduate designer please send your design portfolio (6MB Max) and an introduction through to

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D3 Design + Vuly Play

D3 Design has been instrumental in helping to forge Vuly Play into the successful outdoor play company that it is today. Working together to develop the original Leaf Spring system, D3 and Vuly created a completely unique and ultra-safe rebound mechanism for trampolines that is unmatched to this day. Refined for each iteration of the industry-leading Thunder-series, Leaf Springs not only make Vuly trampolines the most advanced, they signalled that the Vuly Play and D3 Design partnership was an unstoppable innovation powerhouse.

Vuly trampolines are now stocked in ten countries and over 600 locations worldwide, and show no signs of slowing down. We are pleased to have been part of the Vuly dream team responsible for crafting and delivering such a product, and with more products always in the pipeline and new lines of their trampolines being released seasonally, we look forward to a safer, healthier and more active future for our kids.

On D3 Design, Vuly Play CEO – Joe Andon – had this to say:

D3 Design are one of my favourite companies to work with; they really understand the needs of the client and address issues and problems with solutions that are out of this world, giving us, the client, options that we never thought were available and truly setting their clients up to have a competitive difference. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Vuly trampolines were created by Joe with a clear vision: he wanted a revolutionary product that was safer, more effective and more fun than any of its rivals. Given that safety is of paramount concern for parents whenever they are buying a product for their kids, it makes sense that Vuly trampolines needed to go above and beyond to provide a product that was truly revolutionary. We were thrilled to be a part of Joe’s vision for a new, safer trampoline, and working with him to develop the Leaf Spring system was an exciting process and a step in the right direction for safer play.

The advice that D3 Design continues to give Joe and the Vuly Play Research and Development team is invaluable as the Brisbane-based company expands.