Entrepreneurial design:

A unique product concept developed in-house and then presented and sold as a complete package solution

How best to raise awareness and increase usage of your product? Always have it near to hand.

D3 ideated, developed and prototyped a solution which mates perfectly with the iconic Blistex lip balm tub. The tub screws into place on the moulded plastic tab and the lid then locks it into place. Keep it on a keyring, attach it to a backpack or anywhere you can, it keeps your Blistex secure, nearby and ready for use.

Using our industry contacts, we pitched the idea to Blistex as both a way to grow their brand and as a promotional item.

With an order in hand, D3 tooled and moulded the product through our suppliers and delivered the finished product to Blistex. Designed and manufactured in Australia from recycled and recyclable HDPE.

We’ve since developed spin-off products for other brands.

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