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Our Skills

D3 DesignWhy Choose Us

Understanding, Creativity and Know How.

The unique combination of these three things creates products which are truly useful, products with which people can connect and, most importantly, products which are desirable.

D3 Design take time to understand your objectives, your brand’s values and what consumers really want. D3 Design are switched into the latest trends and movements in society and what role your product plays in a wider context.

D3 Design are by nature creative; a unique skill which involves empathy, vision and synthesis; knowing how people do things and why, identifying key insights and key opportunities for development, and being able to turn that into beautiful and innovative ideas.

Most importantly our extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, relationships with manufacturers and attention to detail helps our creative ideas get through the production minefield and onto the market with the original design intent still intact.

The result is fast, innovative, functional and cost effective designs for your brand that will positively impact the market.

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Our Clients

Our client list is as varied as the type of work we can do!

D3 Design design for major multinational household names that you use and see every day, from startups, to individuals with passion and a great idea, D3 Design can provide what you need.

Let's Talk About Your Ideas

Our Directors David Francis & Clive Solari are happy to meet with you and listen to your objectives for your idea. We can provide general advice and guidance to help you decide the best way forward. If we agree we can assist you, we will then provide you with a design plan, specifically tailored to your needs, to get you to where you want to be. 

Any information provided to us is treated in the strictest confidentiality and remains the property of the owners.